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United Federation of Osteopathic Societies (UFOS)


UFOS Committees

Candidates Committee
Chair – Karen Nichols, AZ

The Candidate Committee will be appointed following the nomination of any new candidates (due 60 days prior to the HOD) to ensure that no committee member is from the same state as a newly nominated candidate.

Ad Hoc Commitee

Chair- Scot Cyrus - NM


Seger Morris - MS [email protected]
Karen Turner - GA [email protected]
Dewey McAfee - AR [email protected]
David Scaccia - ME [email protected]


Ernie Miller - WV [email protected]
Alexis Cates - LA [email protected]
John Graneto - CA [email protected]
Sarah Wolff - OR [email protected]
James Griffin - RI [email protected]

Rules Commitee

Chair - Norm Vinn - CA


Sonbol Shahid Salles - GA [email protected]
Paul Grayson Smith III - TN [email protected]
Danielle Barnet-Trapp - AZ [email protected]


Ellice Goldberg - CO [email protected]
Jennifer Ravenscro􀅌 – AMOPS [email protected]
Harry Lausen - IL [email protected]
David Tolen􀆟no - NC Tolen􀆟[email protected]

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